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EffinFly Media is a creative studio based in the Portland, Oregon metro area We are a husband/wife team with expertise to help you build your professional identity in the digital realm, as well as face-to-face.  Our services include professional product photography, custom websites, logos, business card design, print collateral, email campaigns, social media and promotional items.  We love exploring new techniques and technologies, while adhering to sound, proven marketing strategies in order build brands that communicate our client’s message and vision.

Meet the Team

Robert R. Sanders'A Knowing Fly'
Photography, Creative, Graphics, Logo, Marketing

I was born on a Tuesday, a Tuesday more than a few weeks ago, just a minute past midnight. But who cares about that? 

Okay, I really wanted to be Ben Hur, Johnny Unitas, Dave Clark, Spartacus, Ringo Starr, Buddy Rich, and not necessarily in that order. I couldn’t sword fight and I didn’t own a chariot so my list narrowed. Drumming is the center of the universe. Met Owsley Stanley once; those who know, know. 

Signed up for the Coast Guard in 1969 because it seemed nicer to help people, not shoot them. Except I loved shooting people with a camera, a lot of people. My analog film years in photography started in 1971. I worked with the engineers of both Leaf and Eyelike Digital Camera systems and in 1995 began shooting and developing hi resolution digital studio photography. A few of my clients for photo, branding, advertising and marketing include OPI, Orly and Creative Nail Design in the beauty industry; Tony Hawk, Rip Curl, ScubaPro, Thor Motocross in Action Sports; Fatboy Slim, Dave Mason, Fleetwood Mac, Universal Music & Hip-O Records in music, a couple dozen cosmetology product lines, over a hundred misc. product and service companies, a Miss America, an adult product line, an adult beverage line and a cannabis dispensary company … which is also adult.

Won several dozen creative awards for design and photography; several from both the Broadcast Designer’s Assoc. and NY Art Directors Club, to name a couple. Helped Mt. St. Helens erupt on television via a news documentary nominated for an Emmy. Created the very first computer animation used as evidence in a court of law. Worked for Saul Bass, Bass Yeager Assoc. Invented the process of airbrushing fingernails; Colormist. And in the mid ‘90s returned as an adjunct professor to my Alma Mater, the Academy of Art Univ. for three years teaching design and advanced photo imaging. 

Once, and in some cases still, obsessed with the truth about thermal nuclear war, automobile design, scuba diving on wrecks, earthquakes, Blackjack, golf, motocross, drag racing, aliens, ufo’s, cannabis, energy, advertising, imaging, design, growing tomatoes, the universe, meditation, drums, friends, family, love, my children, my wife and my sobriety. I guarded the moon rocks for a few days while working as a temp for NASA during the Bicentennial. Now I’m obsessed with macro cannabis photography and feeding light into the trichome crystal abyss. 

I simply love creating.

Shawn Aveningo Sanders'Shoe Fly'
Website Design & Development, Marketing Campaigns, Copywriting

I can’t remember what day of the week I was born on, but my mom probably does. It was a long, long time ago in a land far, far way known as Bonne Terre, Missouri. We then moved to the suburbs of St. Louis where I grew up catching lightning bugs and watching Cardinal baseball games and the Budweiser Clydesdales on parade. 

I’ve had a fun life and have lived in a variety of locales on this big blue globe, as well as multiple careers. I started out as a marketing/advertising student at Southeast Mo State and ended with a double major graduating  Summa cum Laude with my computer programming degree from University of Maryland, when I finished my studies in Stuttgart, Germany. Back when Russia was part of the USSR, I visited Moscow and was held by the KGB for buying street art with American currency while I was five months pregnant with my son, Jimmy. I thought for sure I’d be giving birth in a Gulag in Siberia, but they finally let us go—a bowl of borscht never tasted so good. I stayed in Germany for three years and worked for the government teaching a bunch of civilian contractors how to use the new fangled invention called “email.”

I then moved on to be a Software Developer for various companies in Atlanta, GA (where my twin daughters Ashley and Nicole were born) and then Indianapolis, IN, before settling down to raise my family in Sacramento, CA. I gave up my career for a while to be a full time mom, volunteering in the schools, organizing fundraisers and managing various soccer and little league teams. Then I became a Real Estate Agent and Productivity Sales Coach for Keller Williams, where I won the award for Best Marketing in the Sacramento Region. When the housing bubble burst, I got tired of working with people trying to scam the system and got out of the biz. So, I reinvented myself again and became a published poet ( , publisher and book designer ( and went back to my ‘nerd’ roots to build websites. And oh yeah, I met the love of my life and moved to Portland with Robert.

It’s been quite a ride so far, and I’m excited to see what surprises the universe has in store next!

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Images Tell A Story

We have a passion for creating beautiful imagery for every project so you stand out in your market.

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The Story Behind Our Name

Robert loves to explore and one day found himself in a Nevada ghost town, complete with abandoned buildings, broken windows, dust-laden glass bottles and weathered tools.  It was a photographer’s gold mine for tactile, rustic imagery.  When he came home and started uploading the raw photos to his computer, he discovered what looked like a fly perched upon a rusted old tractor.  But wait.  There’s more.  There were actually TWO flies … Two Effin’ Flies!  Over the next few years, we’d land on that photo and laugh, coming up with silly ideas such as using it for a custom clock face, “Time Effin’ Flies.”  Well, we never got around to making that clock (yet), but when we decided to formally combine our expertise and start our own company, we brainstormed for weeks to come up with a name. And after we tossed around several different ideas, I jokingly suggested EffinFly.  We laughed (which we do often) and agreed, it was perfect.  We had found a name that wasn’t too cliche, overly clinical or stuffy, and fit our quirky sense of humor and fun.  So Robert went to work on transforming his lucky shot into our new company logo.  And EffinFly Media was born.