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Foster Buds Logo Design

Foster Buds Logo Design 2017-08-22T23:57:34+00:00

Project Description

Project Brief

Foster Buds needed a new fresh look to combine branding for multiple dispensaries with different names.  We advised them to update to one singular brand to help customers recognize consistent quality products and superior service throughout their company.

The Challenge

The original logo was the omnipresent marijuana leaf in a circle, which had become cliche in their industry.  We needed to create something that would set them apart from their competitors while communicating that they were Your Neighborhood Dispensary.

The Solution

After several design concepts were reviewed, the overwhelming stand-out winning logo was made of two sets of cannabis leaves, in a pleasing, inviting color palette.  If you look closely, the leaves loosely create an “F” and “B,” further suggesting the new comprehensive brand name of Foster Buds.  The leaves also create a feeling of embracing their neighborhood community, which was a primary goal of the new look.

Variations for Multiple Projects

We combined the new logo with custom macro-photography for a truly, original branded look throughout the company . . .

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