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Foster Buds – New Website

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Project Description

Project Brief

Foster Buds needed a new fresh website to go with their new logo and re-launch of all locations under the Foster Buds name.  We started in Mid-January, and by April, a brand new wordpress website was designed, launched and promoted with huge 420 Block Party.

The Challenge

The original website was a custom site built using HTML, CSS and Javascript functions.  There was a separate complete website for each dispensary location, each with a unique name (Foster Buds and Glisan Buds).  The new site needed to combine information, product menus, personnel profiles, and location maps from each store, plus provide greater flexibility for growth and expansion. And because approximately 36% of all traffic to the site is via smartphones, the new site needed to be completely mobile responsive.


The Solution

We decided to create a WordPress website ( with a completely customized theme using the Genesis Framework.  The new websites provide visitors with plethora of eye-candy via custom macro-photography of each cannabis strain (over 200 so far), extensive product descriptions, education articles under the “Get to Know Your Buds” campaign, news page “The Puffington Post” for local and national stories on marijuana, budtender bios, job openings, and a brand new community calendar and events listings.  All the photography on the site is original; no stock photography used anywhere.

The Results

The site was launched on 4-20-2017 and by 8-20-2017, there were 30 new pages, 238 new posts and 912 new images.  The robust content led to immediate, measurable results with an increase in website sessions, new users, pageviews and a bounce-rate that fell from 45% to under 5%, as well as increased monthly sales.

90 Days after Launch, Increase in Web Traffic: 85%
Increase in Click thrus from Google Search / Keywords: 50%
60 Days after Launch, Increase in Gross Monthly Sales: 19%

A Few Web Page Views from the New Foster Buds Site

Home Page — Various Sections

The Home Page is made up of several widget sections including a welcome section, parallax images, slideshows, location maps, Instagram feed, customer testimonials.

Product Pages

Each type of product has it’s own gallery and page: Flower, Edibles, Topicals, Concentrates, Extracts, Extras, Pre-rolls

Each product is displayed in a colorbox and has a full description with original product photography by Robert Sanders.

Cannabis Flower — Strain Database

Visitors can view strains based on type (Sativa, Indica, Hybrid or High CBD) and also search for strains that may alleviate particular ailments.

Each Strain has multiple photos and lists the genetics, type, symptoms, description as well as provide space for comments on each strain.

Other Pages

The News Page, aka The Puffington Post, allows the user to read the latest new articles about Marijuana that are local,
state, or national.

You can Get to Know Your Budtenders and Staff at each store with fun photos and bios for each.

User can find daily deals and community events on the calendar page. There’s a private budtender dashboard, where they can submit various events for the calendar.