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Pattie Palmer Baker – Artist Website

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Project Description

Project Brief

Pattie Palmer-Baker had a website that an old friend had designed for her.  Unfortunately, it was becoming difficult to keep having it updated with new content and she didn’t have control over her own site.

The Challenge

Since the client didn’t feel comfortable handling the technical aspects of the website, nor how to approach the original website designer to have a new one developed, we took care of all that for her: professional-to-professional. It was a bit of a challenge to get the domain url transferred, but once we did, we could design a new website for her with a fresh new look.

The Solution

Pattie loves color!  So we designed her entire website with bright colors and used components from her original artwork to create the buy buttons, sold buttons, and zoom features.  We also set her up with a simple Paypal business account to handle the art sales transactions with ease.  She now feels proud to hand out her business card and share her work from her new site.

A Few Screen Shots from Pattie’s New Website . . .

Artwork Page

We created lovely shadow boxes for each artwork, with a custom Purchase button (or Sold Button 😉 )

Poetry and Calligraphy Art Pages

We continued creating shadow boxes to highlight her poetry/artwork pairings and also created “Close Up View” buttons to allow visitors to see her beautiful hand-written calligraphy.

A Few More Pages

For the occasional gallery exhibit or poetry reading, we created a simple event page and also a contact page for commissioned work requests.